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Ascendant Learning Center Pvt.Ltd

ASCENDANT LEARNING CENTER PVT. LTD, the Hub of achievers, has been functioning in the arena of coaching and Home Tuition Services in Nagpur and Mumbai for the last 10 Years, since 2003.

The exceptionally profoundly learned faculties have been delivering excellent results, with utmost dedication and professionalism. Unlike others, we have been strictly maintaining strength of each class to be 25 only, so as to not tamper with the performance, as also to prioritize individual attention.

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Fundoo Kids Learning Centre

The primary objective of FUNDOO is to impart to children those skills that are essential for life, but not necessarily taught in school. The classes seek to teach children to love learning for its own sake, and to develop a scientific and questioning temperament.

FUNDOO Concept is based on learning through experience and experimentation, and teaches students how to learn. These classes do all this in a fun filled manner, incorporating plenty of activities and games that engage the children and stimulate their minds.

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Pink Yoga Centre-Only for Females

Pink Yoga center help you to enhance your personality with great physique and healthy glowing skin, weight loss and weight management with the help of Yoga, Meditation, health disorders etc.

We have expert of:

  • Yoga for weight loss
  • Yoga for weight maintenance
  • Yoga for health disorders like Thyroid, hypertension, diabetes, Arthritis and spondylitis
  • Also Therapies available for skin/hair care & above disorders Professional Therapists available for meditation, yoga nidra, dhyan
  • Special yoga & meditation session for students